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Free Local Business Advertising in Nigeria

As a business, whether big or small, you will face unique challenges that come with running your company and making smart decisions that would positively affect the growth of your company is a key skill you will need.

One effective way to attract potential customers and leads is through advertising.

In advertising your brand, as a business on a small budget, it is advisable to always go for one that would cost you little to nothing to execute. What is one free way to advertise your local business in Nigeria? Online business directories.

Business directories give you a platform to showcase yourself to those that would likely have an interest in it. The business world in of itself is highly competitive, and one way to actively be a part of that teeming gag of competitors is to make your company visible. This is one sure way to guarantee success for your business.

To build a client base, you can’t skulk in the shadows, have no online visibility, and hope that business will automatically grow. You have to actively seek out those potential clients that seek the services you offer.

To grow any business, you need to have a firm standing, and making use of classified ads site in Nigeria is one sure way to stamp your business on the map. There are other channels available to help grow your business, channels like social media, and having a website.

These channels enable your brand to get visible to the searching eyes of prospective clients, but the require constant attention, and maintenance because a lack of either of those two could result in your losing any little customer base you manage to get. But there’s one other way that requires very, very little to no updates and maintenance at all, and that is putting your business on an online business directory.

The only time you may need to make changes to your profile on any listing site may be when your business changes its physical location, when your business is changing its structure, having a makeover (basically rebranding itself), and if there are new services your company is offering.




For small businesses, money and time matter, and being able to use those judiciously is crucial. And having your brand registered in an online business directory is the best way to advertise your local business for free.

As mentioned earlier, having your business registered on an online business directory such as Riatto gives your brand more visibility. On these directories, you will be able to put up a few information about your company, some of which may include:

  • Your contact info
  • Your company’s location
  • A brief history of your company
  • Your offered services as well as products
  • Your working hours
  • And lastly, you’re given the opportunity to brag a little about why clients should choose your company.

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, whether big or small, a local business listing can be a very huge and profitable marketing tool; they grow your customer base and increase your brand’s awareness, and also, they boost your company’s image.

Most people trust easily, a company with an online presence than those without. There’s a sense of connection between the customer/client and your brand.

It is imperative to note that giving your business an online presence means you’re taking competition very seriously because lots of companies “fight” with lots of money to get their brands online and to the eyes of prospective clients.


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