Are you a business owner with a great service but no takers for it? Or are you a consumer who knows what you want but don’t know where to find it? Riatto is good news for both of you! We are one-of-a-kind marketplace in Nigeria that brings together businesses, service providers, and consumers all under one roof.

Our online directory website promotes business listings in various categories like food and cuisines, entertainment and events, business and services, fashion and beauty, education and tuition, and hospitality and travel to reach their target audience with greater ease. If your business is not in any of these categories, don’t worry because we will consistently add more scopes of categories . Why not register with us? To answer your question is simple, its completely FREE and there is no catch

Consumers will appreciate Riatto for the simple reason that it makes it so easy for them to find what they’re looking for and connect with a reliable business for their purpose.

If you’re neither a consumer nor a business owner, you’ll still enjoy being a part of Riatto community. Using our forums you can interact with businesses and other users in the most fun way  and staying up-to-date with the latest and exciting things happening in business and the world in general.


What to expect?

Isn’t it frustrating when you know what the problem is but you don’t know how to get to the solution? Riatto acts as a bridge between the problem and the solution. It does so by helping the service businesses in Nigeria get discovered by Nigerian users who have been searching just for them. This way while the businesses can keep growing their consumer base, consumers can save their valuable time in scouring for the right service provider for their need. A marketplace like Riatto, which offers a seamless inter-connection between businesses and consumers, is essential for a continued growth of the nation’s economy.

For Individuals, Small and Mid-size Businesses

Being an owner of a start-up or small to mid-size enterprise is not easy. One of the biggest struggles is to put your service out there in the market where your consumers can actually see you and learn about you. Riatto empowers your business by giving it the audience it deserves. Through our detailed listed content, you can provide comprehensive information about your business to your audience, such as your facilities, opening times, payment methods, maps, directions, website links, reviews, photos, videos and special offers. With our sophisticated messaging system and booking functionality, your consumers will not only be able to learn about you but also will be able to quickly get in touch with you.
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For Large Businesses

As a large business owner, you may already have a consumer base established. But it never hurts to keep gaining new customers and have your brand become more and more popular! Riatto offers special advantage to large business owners. You can create a personalized portfolio page for your business, you can think of it as having your own business web page on Riatto website. On your dedicated portfolio page, you can talk in depth about your brand, your products and services, and everything else that makes you the best among the rest. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested to showcase your business portfolio on Riatto website and we’ll be happy to discuss in details.


For Users

When you are in need of a specialized service, with our sophisticated location finder, you can browse through or search our extensive service categories and get a reliable listing of businesses relevant to your location and requirement. On days when you are not especially looking for anything, you could still join in on the fun of our website’s discussion forum and news section. The forum is an interactive platform where members can touch base by sharing and disseminating ideas, thoughts, and other valuable bits of information. Users can initiate and participate in discussions by posting media files and commenting on topics of various categories including live news section that covers happenings in Nigeria and world in areas like entertainment, business, finance, sports, etc. You can even choose to read the local news of your specific area.
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Whats's to come!

Every day is a new day at Riatto, because we are in the process of consistently improving. We plan to keep adding more service categories to our website for the convenience of businesses and users. Our current pipeline has at least 5 more service categories to be added, including Hospitality, Travel, Health, Auto and parts. Also in works is an e-commerce/shopping portal on Riatto platform where our users will be able to list and shop for their favorite products. Special portfolio pages for large businesses will also be made available soon. This is an exciting time for you to be part Riatto regardless of who you are and what you do. The opportunity is immense, a ride of a lifetime, buckle your seat belt, hold on tight …..here we go.
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John Doe

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John Doe

CEO, Mockingbird


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